Art and design come together on behalf of a common purpose, investigating stories about scars and the ability these moments have of radically changing our lives. I seek to understand what motivates these people to get themselves out of rock bottom and take back control of their lives. I explore, through a multi-sensory exhibition, the timeline of the trauma up to its redefinition.  

impact, the unexpected, a blow, shock 

The trauma is where everything begins. This phase counts on the unexpected, the unforeseen. Your life is normal and then , suddenly, you receive a blow. This impact is so huge that it shatters you, breaks you into little pieces. It all happens very fast. 

now what?
fear, despair, agony, impotence 

Soon after came the second phase, now what? How to deal with the situation? A phase filled with fear and despair. A phase of questionings. You reassess and ask why this is happening to you. You feel very small, you feel impotent. It’s a brush with death and this is terrifying. You seem to be alone, despite having all these people around you. OR. This hits you so hard that it’s difficult to accept, so you deny it. You don’t believe anything the doctor says. You put on a good face, take it with good humor. You tell yourself that it’s just to cheer life up a bit. You swipe that fear right under the rug and go forward with your life. You don’t allow yourself to feel. You don’t allow yourself to be this fragile. You don’t allow yourself to be taken care of. 

self-pity, denial, questionings  

You undergo surgery: anesthesia, scalpel, saline solution, And when it’s over, you have this mark on your body, a scar. You look at it but don’t recognize it as part of yourself. A strange feeling of not belonging. There are times when, without realizing it, you put yourself in the position of the victim. It’s the unconscious taking over. This way, you keep those you love by your side. Without yet understading the why in all of this. The scar on my body is just a part of this story. And the emotional scar? This one is much bigger and deeper. It makes you rethink life and, in a certain manner, acquire the ability of putting things into perspective. 

movement, action, renovation 

The survival instinct speaks louder and you have to get yourself out of this situation. How to get on with life after a trauma? Things aren’t going to be the way they once were. Your mind is different. And then you find the motivation: in sports, drawing, dance, music, art, culinary, whatever it is you hold on tight and go with it. You overcome inertia and get moving. You move towards MORE. More life, more energy, more health, more compassion. The gears start to turn once more and now you’re able to move forward. Independently, treading a path in a new direction. 

understanding, maturity, overcoming, strength 

This phase usually takes place a few years later. This time is given so that you can digest the trauma, accept it and acknowledge it. It’s a mature stage that allows you to understand the reason why you had to gor through everything. The ability to recognize each phase and appreciate the process. In my case, I can only be thankful for the opportunity of learning. I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing about everything if I hadn’t gone through this trauma. It was very important. It changed my life. And I hope that through this project I may be able to change people’s relationship with their own traumas.