::Collaborative exhibit Project 2020 at Casa França Brasil | december 2019

:: Jewerly Collection in partnership with Livia Canuto | november 2019

:: Collaborative exhibit Project 2020 at Galeria Carambola | november 2019


:: Participation in SP Foto 2019, Bianca Boeckel Gallery| August, 2019 


:: Participation in the Nike + Authentic Feet event for the Women’s World Cup. Individual work + collaborative work together with Naty Edenburg and Thasya Barbosa. Curator: Luis Maluf | June, 2019 

:: Continuous course ‘Meetings and Reflections’ with  Iole de Freitas EAV | May, 2019 

:: Participation in SP Arte 2019, Bianca Boeckel Gallery| April, 2019 

:: Solo Exhibition at the Bianca Boeckel Gallery | March,  2019 

:: Lecture and exhibit in the relaunch of the brand Cicatricure Brasil | February, 2019 

::Casa voa – Collaborative exhibit | December,  2018 

::Charity Auction - Move Rio NGO| December, 2018 

:: Monitoring of the exhibit Arte Aproxima at the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes | November,  2018 

:: Lecture and exhibit at the  Rede D’or Leaders Convention | August, 2018 

:: Templo – Cure Exhibit | June, 2018 

::Conversa Voa (Casa Voa) Course  | Monitoring of artistic works  | June – December,  2018 

::QGuai – Entre Exhibit | March,  2017 

Each detail matters. At 23 years old, the carioca Gabi Gelli is bursting with sensibility. As a teenager she was diagnosed with a heart disease that changed her life. The youngest in a family of creatives, Gabi was able to redefine her trauma through art, in an intuitive and unassuming manner. It was at this moment that the scars project arose  - Perpetual Instant/Instante para Sempre – from the desire to offer other people the redefinition of their own pains. Her desire to get to know human beings made her processes begin always from a personal point of view, and only then would they reach people.


Her work so to speak, is a huge tool for self-knowledge, and as such, it brings with it a lot of truth. Her first exhibit, Cure/Cura, talks about her trajectory from  the moment of the trauma up to its redefinition. She gave lectures about this project at companies such as Rede D’or and Cicatricure. In march, 2019, she had her solo exhibition called Meantime/Entretempo at the Bianca Boeckel Gallery in São Paulo and participated as well in the art exhibits SP-Arte and SP-Foto 2019. 

artist statement

I believe that art is an incredibly powerful means of communication and I’ve realized it’s the best way to express myself. It’s a great tool for practicing self-knowledge, that allows me to go through personal experiences by means of self-observation. Experiences which, while transforming, can be brought to others. Developing projects through empathy, the opportunity to move people, create impact and who knows, the chances of transforming people is even greater. The verb ‘to redefine’ permeates throughout all of my work. The use of various materials – ceramic, thread, fabric, concrete, bandages - is all at the service of concept. I am interested in trauma, pain and death. To approach difficult themes in a light manner.


All growth stems from great pain and the best way to release oneself from this pain is going through it. There’s no shortcut. One has to face it and include fear in this chosen path. Things whose existence we deny will intensify, but things we look at with love will diminish. My work is here to embrace pain.